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Hosted by T-Rell and Smacc

Raised in South Central LA, T-rell has deep connections to the LA music scene. Early on, he was a member of Young Money, which helped him gain national notoriety. He has since launched two successful clothing brands, last kings with Tyga and Sorella Boutique on Melrose blvd. His latest endeavor, Back on Figg, is a Live show broadcasted on YouTube. The name is inspired by Figueroa St., the famous street that runs through the heart of downtown Los Angeles and is home to Crypto Arena, USC, and South Central LA. Back on Figg highlights the culture and those who make it. T-rell leverages his relationships with A-list artists, designers, athletes and entertainers who fall in-between to be guests on the show. T-rell only knows how to be one thing:... REAL, which keeps his audience captivated week after week.

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