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Hosted by Anne Roderique-Jones

The Feeney family lived in a new and tidy subdivision in Springfield, Missouri—a town nestled in the Ozark Mountains. They were what many would define as a picture-perfect family. On Sat, Feb 25th 1995, Jon Feeney said goodbye to his wife and two young children before driving to a teacher’s conference an hour and a half away. Two days later, his family was found brutally murdered. On this season of Ozarks True Crime, we follow an unfolding investigation as police and the community try to find out: Is Jon a killer who was let off the hook or is this an innocent man who lost his entire family? Follow host, Anne Roderique-Jones, as she returns to her hometown to ultimately try and find out: Who killed Cheryl, Tyler, and Jennifer? The Feeney Family Murder: Ozarks True Crime, is an editaudio Original and written and hosted by journalist Anne Roderique-Jones. *This upcoming season will begin releasing on November 7, 2022.

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