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Hosted by Abdullah Saeed

Are you in need of pep? Abdullah Saeed (Bong Appetit, High Maintenance, Great Moments in Weed History) is here to provide. On this podcast, anyone anywhere in the world can send Abdullah a request for a pep talk, and he will give them that pep talk to the best of his ability.    What qualifies Abdullah to give pep talks? He might not have a degree in psychology or any official pep credentials, but a lifetime of daily weed-smoking has left him with an inflated sense of empathy. Tell this guy your problem, and for 3-6 minutes it’s his problem too, and he’ll tell you what you need to hear to get jazzed on life.    Every episode features special guest Seema Saeed, Abdullah’s mom, the OG pep talker, who gives him a pep talk to close the show.    Got a relationship quandary? Stressed out about your job situation? Need motivation to study for that exam? Need a little nudge to get high on life? Send Abdullah a pep request!

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