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This podcast consists of friends for friends without friends. We are the outsiders, the fringe people that were left behind to carve our own paths, forging our way through life’s jungles, emerging with scars and tattoos and the ability to tell our stories and laugh at our stories which are your stories too. Powerful Truth Angels is a podcast brought to you by the Canadian Legend Matty Matheson (Viceland TV host, YouTube creator, NYTBS author, chef/restauranteur) and Native Angeleno weirdo creative Alex/2tone (Director of film, and Co-owner and Design Director of street wear brand BornxRaised ). Matty and 2tone are the Powerful Truth Angels and they are here to welcome you into the fold with open arms and hearts. They are best friends who are now your best friends, and they are here for you. They will envelope you in their million thread count robes and hug and squeeze you until you feel nothing but pure light and joy emanating from every pore in your body. Welcome to a place where anything can happen and everyone is invited to join. We want you to be with us, forever. We will all scream and yell and laugh and whisper and cry in unison, we are the POWERFUL TRUTH ANGELS.

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