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Hosted by God

Join God, Jesus, Moses, Satan and more as they take a humorous look at the world God created and the humans who occupy it! God and pals interview celebrity guests. Past guests have included Oscar-winning director Travon Free, bestselling author Mary L. Trump, founder of ‘The Onion’ Scott Dikkers, and ‘Family Guy’ executive producer David A. Goodman. This irreverent comedy podcast also broadcasts a live recording party with listeners once a month. The God Pod is available wherever you listen to podcasts. Testimonials from our guests: “I love this podcast. What I loved most was he seemed ok with the fact that I don’t believe in him." - ‘Family Guy’ Executive Producer David A. Goodman "Being on The God Pod was a great experience! The hosts were delightful and entertaining, but also asked great questions. God's enormous audience gave me the opportunity to introduce myself and my work to lots of new people. The right kinds of people—holy people."  - Founder of ‘The Onion’ Scott Dikkers “The God pod is cool as...hell.” - Oscar winning Director Travon Free

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