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Host-read podcast ads connect listeners to brands. Gumball connects advertisers with podcast hosts to make it happen in a few clicks.

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Advertisers want your voice for their brand—at Gumball, we help you turn that into opportunity. Keep more of what you make, and stay focused on what you do best. Our tech tracks all the process details for you, in one place and in full view.

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Fact: Host-read ads get attention—and listeners. Whoever you’re looking to reach, find their favorite show in the Gumball library. Our super-sophisticated search lets you choose from a full lineup of high-quality podcasts.

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We've delivered 23,000+ live host-read ads     for over 790 brands.

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For host-read podcast ads, Gumball is "one of the most efficient ways to purchase multiple ads without using an agency"

"The marketplace software condenses a weeks-long process into seconds"

"Gumball has technology that helps scale the buying process for host-read ads, including buying inventory, planning and measurement campaign"

"The idea with Gumball is to standardize the host-read ad unit so marketers can buy the same way across all shows with transparent pricing and scheduling availability information."

"Gumball is helping podcast creators and brands more easily collaborate, bringing more revenue into the rapidly growing media business."

"The company's platform allows advertisers to more easily find and buy host-read ad spots from independent podcasters, who in turn gain access to big brands."