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Why go the host-read route?

Tell your brand’s story in an authentic, human way that listeners can connect to

52% of podcast listeners said they’re likely to take recommendations directly from podcast hosts (1)

Ads that hosts read drive more brand recall than non-host-read ads (2)

A voice for every campaign

Easily filter by genre, audience profile, and air date to the perfect talent for your ad. We offer totally transparent pricing and inventory. Plus, you’ll love our ever-expanding lineup of quality shows—because your audience already does.

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Scale up and take your campaign further. We make it easy to add new shows, enter vanity URLs and coupon codes, and tailor your strategy with just a few clicks. Tap into opportunities for custom branded content and expand your reach with access to new audiences.

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Start and set up campaigns on your own online, or bring in our dedicated sales team for support. Add upcoming ad spots and enjoy per-episode category exclusivity. Check out with a credit card. All with as much or as little human interaction as you’d like. (We get it.)

Hitch- and
glitch-free delivery

Our Gumball Success Team is on call to ensure everything is delivered on time and issue-free. Once your spots go live, review them with instant airchecks, and track delivery progress with our proprietary tracking tech, Gumshoe. For everything else, our Help Center has most, if not all, the answers you need.

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(1) Morning Consult study Meyers, A. (2020, November 9). From the Host’s Lips to the Audience’s Ears: The Power of the Host-Read Podcast Ad. Morning Consult.

(2) Nielsen study The Nielsen Company (2020, October 21). Host-read Podcast Ads Pack a Brand Recall Punch. Nielsen.