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Hosted by Kevin T. Porter

Longtime fan Kevin T. Porter and newcomer Demi Adejuyigbe deep dive into the Gilmore Girls universe episode-by-episode, gabbing and cross-analyzing all things Stars Hollow with acclaimed guests such as Paul F. Tompkins, Jason Mantzoukas, and the legendary Lauren Graham herself. Despite the regular Gilmore Guys series ending in 2017, the show has remained evergreen for years after, with older episodes available to enjoy as audience members discover the show and their own fandom for the first time or rediscover during a much needed series rewatch. Since then, Kevin has continued tackling other parts of the Amy Sherman-Palladino universe, from "Bunhead Bros" where he & Demi followed the short-lived series Bunheads, to "Maisel Goys" where Kevin along with new co-host Alice Wetterlund take on the award winning series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

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