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Hosted by B. Simone

Stand-up comedian, actress, and entrepreneur B. Simone virtually documents & takes us on her healing journey while still laughing through her pain. This podcast will highlight the importance of not letting pain and disappointment taint you or make you bitter, but instead, propel you forward into life’s beautiful second chances. LTTA is about resilience, finding purpose, healing, but having fun & enjoying life while doing it. On earth, as it is in heaven. I want everything God has for me not only after I die and go to heaven but I want the best life possible here on earth. We’ll talk about Reaching the best luxury/successful life on earth, not just financially but spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Let’s heal. We will cry together & laugh together, but while we go on this journey, let’s not take every little thing in life so seriously… No one gets out alive anyway Life is all about infinite chances. Don’t quit now… just try again!

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