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Hosted by Anne Roderique-Jones

In season three of Ozarks True Crime, host Anne Roderique-Jones returns to her home state of Missouri to report on the case of Sandra Hemme: a person living with mental illness who could soon become the longest-known wrongfully convicted woman in the United States. Anne speaks with journalists, lawyers, and mental health professionals to try and uncover why Sandra was found guilty of a murder, despite no solid evidence that she committed the crime. Follow along as we travel back to Missouri for Sandra’s evidentiary hearing, where her lawyer’s will be presenting never-heard-before evidence in hopes to set her free. Ozarks True Crime, which previously covered the missing persons case “The Springfield Three,” and the unsolved "Feeney Family Murders" case is produced by editaudio, a queer-owned production company. The new season of Ozarks True Crime: The Sandra Hemme Story launches in January 2024.

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